Spherical monodisperse silicone microsphere acrylate polyacr

Spherical monodisperse silicone microsphere acrylate polyacr

Model No.︰LY28

Brand Name︰liying

Country of Origin︰China

Unit Price︰CNY ¥ 370 / pc

Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Light diffusing agent is a kind of micron-sized polydisperse organic microsphere powder. It mainly imparts different light refraction effects to plastics such as PC.PS.ABS.MS.PET. The balance of light transmittance and diffusivity is good, the dispersibility and stability are good, and a variety of particle sizes can be provided.

        Excellent lubricity, giving a soft, smooth, silky feel, added to transparent resins such as alkaline resins and polycarbonate resins, or used on the surface of transparent films such as PET films to diffuse transmitted light as a reduction The use of light-diffusing materials that reflect light has higher penetrability, reduces waste of light transmittance, and improves sharpness compared with the inorganic series of barium titanium sulfate and the like that are usually used.


Features Appearance White powder

Particle size       8μm


Material composition: acrylic polymer powder


Refractive index 1.56


Density (g / cm3) 1.32


Melting point (℃)> 480


Boiling point (℃) 999


Solubility (water) Immiscible (insoluble in water)